After School Program

After-School Care in Ridgeland, Mississippi

Creative Art Christian Academy’s After-School program serves children at Ann Smith Elementary in Ridgeland & Madison Avenue Elementary in Madison. Creative Arts picks up kindergarten through second grade at both schools. The class is kept small. The Afterschool program begins in August each year and ends at the end of school. We provide transportation from school to the Creative Arts center. We pick up at 2:00 each day and the van returns to the center around 3:00. A snack is served as soon as the children get to the center.3p

School homework is done with the teacher. We end all homework at four o’clock in order for the children to get a chance to have free time; to relax by playing inside and/or outside. All children are required to do homework or quiet work during this time. We have a play yard, the lenght of the building, in the back.

If your child is not going to be with the center in the fall; then your child’s last day will be the end of May when school is out. This gives us a chance to fill those spots during the summer for the fall.

Summer Camp

We have a summer schedule for Five through Eight years old that includes swimming, movies, park time, cooking and crafts. We also offer Karate’ classes and dance classes for an additional fee. Breakfast, lunch and two snacks are offered daily.

In July we always go to North Park for Chick-FiI-A Cow Day. We make costumes to look like cows and receive a free meal. Lots of fun to be had by all!

Contact Creative Arts Christian Academy in Ridgeland, Mississippi, to request more information about our after school program.